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Why Consider Consolidating Your Websites?

Why Consider Consolidating Your Websites?

Are you responsible for managing multiple independent websites and microsites scattered across several CMS platforms? How often do you want to share content across your sites and either can’t or have trouble doing so? How much time is wasted figuring out how to get all of your systems to work together? All of these problems can be solved with web consolidation.

What is Consolidation?

Consolidation means making the move to a single system instead of having multiple stand-alone websites. Consolidating your websites into one system allows you to log in once to manage all of your sites, train your teams on only one platform, and reduce maintenance and development costs.

Why Consolidation Makes Sense

Consolidation is a great idea that can look a bit abstract until you see what it can really accomplish for your organization. A good web consolidation solution:

  • Deploys subsites in minutes
  • Shares content across sites
  • Accesses global content, including member directories and other assets
  • Provides control to ensure marketing consistency
  • Still allows teams to control their own sites or subsites as needed
  • Simplifies maintenance and security updates

Alternatives Present Shortcomings

As a workaround, some organizations rely instead on a few alternatives:

Copy and Paste

Many companies that have not consolidated their websites and CMSs into one system copy and paste the same content on all of their sites. It’s a time consuming and error-prone option. Add to that SEO punishment for posting the same content to multiple sites, and it’s a no-win situation.

Traditional Multisite CMSs

Traditionally, multisite CMSs were built with the web development company in mind, to handle multiple independent client sites. These let you install updates once, but that's about it. Newer solutions recognize that one organization can have multiple websites that need to interact with and connect to one another.

WebUnity: Six Feet Up’s Consolidation Solution

WebUnity Logo

WebUnity is the complete multisite Plone package for teams that want to consolidate their sites to a single platform. WebUnity allows you to quickly create subsites and additional websites, share and sync content across sites, create a global directory of employees and faculty that can be featured on the various sites and pages, and can be implemented faster than other consolidation solutions. Learn more about WebUnity.

Consolidation is the best choice for a company that needs to put all of their sites on one platform. However, if you need to keep the existing systems that you have in place, but want to avoid copying and pasting content, consider integrating your sites with a solution like PushHub (Read: Why Consider Integrating Your Websites).

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