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Answering the recurring question, "How do I get started using Plone?"

April 28, 2011

Six Feet Up is a leading provider of Plone development and hosting services. Because of this, our team is often asked "How do I get started using Plone"?

I spent some time talking with Clayton Parker, Lead Developer at Six Feet Up and contributing author to Practical Plone 3, about his recommended reading list for new Plone developers, end-users and Plone systems administrators. I came away from the discussion thinking that this information might be helpful to others besides myself, so here is the list:

Content editors and end-users:


Beginning Developers:


Intermediate Plone Developers:


Theming in Plone:


Systems Administration:


Have you taken the plunge into using / developing / deploying websites in Plone?  Any other books or other resources that helped you get started? What useful advice can you give others to help them?

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