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When RES Software sought a partner to develop new, sophisticated features for its website, Six Feet Up's capabilities aligned with their needs.

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Project Outline:

RES Software, a leader in dynamic desktop solutions, wished to expand on its website's interactive features.  Plone's flexibility and ability to generate advanced design lead to several new features being developed.

Rich Interface

Homepage enhancements included creating a dynamic tabular module to present news, product information, videos, blog posts, and events, without exhaustive scrolling.  EasySlideShow was used to provide an illustrative method for presenting information, as well as creating interactive slide presentations for banner and customer testimonial sliders.

Video Gallery

A video gallery was created to incorporate RES' YouTube channel, which included popups that integrate meta descriptions, tags for search functionality, and share options.  ContentFlow was adapted to provide an interactive video carousel to highlight RES' top videos.

Interactive Testimonials

Custom content types were created to design an interactive customer testimonial page.  The customer type allows site administrators to manage metadata, including customer name, summary, and press releases, while the search manages industry, country, and company & technology data.  All are available to RES' potential clients with the click of a button.


A microsite (leveraging the Lineage package) was created to feature a RES Software product.  The microsite included an easy to use CMS to update content and create new pages.  It was integrated with Pardot, a marketing automation tool, to host forms and progressive profiling of prospects. Organizations choose to implement microsites as they are scalable and easily managed by site administrators. Other benefits of utilizing microsites include increasing search engine optimization (SEO), online footprint, and flexibility.


LinguaPlone and RedirectionTool were used to implement a new Dutch localization for international clients.

If you would like more information on how Plone can create dynamic websites, please contact Six Feet Up today.

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