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Oct 31 7:00AM Quick Guide to Generating SSL Certificates
Quick Guide to Generating SSL Certificates with Six Feet Up using our hosting or your own provider.
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Oct 29 9:45AM Lineage 2.0 for multisite is Plone 5 & Dexterity compatible
We've seen a lot of activity around Lineage this year and wanted to make sure that before PloneConf we had a fresh new version of Lineage for Plone 4.x and Plone 5.
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Oct 28 7:50AM How to use Diazo for Plone Theming
This is an introduction to how to use Diazo for Plone theming. Diazo allows you to map dynamic content from a CMS to a static theme. Diazo is supported in Plone 4.1 and beyond with
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Oct 24 7:05AM New PAQs start with how to submit your Emergency
Six Feet Up inaugurates new PAQ (problems and questions) features on blog. Find out what issues other users are facing and how they fixed, the processes we use to fix them, and what you can expect moving forward.
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Oct 21 7:00AM Using SaltStack for server configuration management and more
SaltStack (Salt) is currently one of the fastest growing configuration management systems. It is written in Python and uses ZeroMQ to communicate nearly instantaneously with all of the servers in your infrastructure that it calls minions. Here is how we use Salt and why.
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Oct 17 8:00AM Humans vs. Robots: Testing for Quality
Six Feet Up is frequently asked about including human-powered Quality Assurance (QA) as a part of our testing process. Find out when automated tests or humans are best at catching issues.
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Oct 30 8:00AM Six Feet Up Launches Lineage 2.0
Lineage is the multisite management tool for Plone. Lineage 2.0 brings several improvements including being Plone 5 and Dexterity compatible...
Oct 13 8:00AM Exactech Boosts its Content Syndication Functionalities
Six Feet Up will enhance Exactech's multisite system to make it easy for subsites to share news, events and files with Resonate, a Six Feet Up product.
Oct 8 8:00AM Michigan County Considers a Web Consolidation Effort
Six Feet Up is helping Washtenaw County, Michigan (home of the University of Michigan) to help strengthen and streamline their web content management activities.
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Nov 2 NYC
Six Feet Up CTO runs the NYC Marathon
Calvin is running the NYC Marathon and raising money for our client, the Innocence Project.
Nov 11 The Speakeasy 5255 Winthrop Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
IndyPy Monthly Meetup
Meet other local Python Programming Language enthusiasts!
Dec 1 Carmel, IN
Python/Django/Pyramid Immersive Course
This 5-day course will jumpstart your career in Python web development.
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