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Dec 18 7:00AM Turning a static theme into a Diazo theme through the web
This article provides a step by step overview for creating a Diazo theme from a static theme through the web.
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Dec 11 7:00AM Stupid ZMI Tricks
This article offers a simple digest of information and tricks for using the Zope Management Interface in Plone.
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Dec 9 7:00AM Debugging Python code with pdb
This post offers an introduction to the interactive Python Debugger tool (pdb), including basic commands, examples, alternative implementations, and helpful links.
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Dec 4 7:00AM How to use XSLT in Diazo
This article gives a brief overview of XSLT, how and when to use it in your Diazo theming, and a few examples of it in action.
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Nov 25 7:00AM Doing code releases with ZFS
Using ZFS for snapshots is easier than collective.recipe.backup for backing up Plone sites. I'll show you how it allows you to instantly rollback to a previous version if something goes wrong.
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Nov 20 9:00AM Handling PloneFormGen Submissions : The Email Adapter
By default, PloneFormGen displays a generic "Thank You" page that emails the site-wide email address. With a few clicks, you can easily customize what happens after a form is submitted.
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Dec 4 3:45PM Six Feet Up Assists ReTrans with Digital Signage Application
As a major provider of logistics and shipping services, ReTrans was looking for a way to keep its employees informed about ongoing weather conditions nationwide, as well as other internal key metrics...
Nov 24 9:50AM Indiana Historical Society Unveils Web Enhancements
We are excited to announce a new round of web enhancements for the Indiana Historical Society website, including responsive design, calendar updates, and blog improvements.
Nov 17 7:00AM Plone Foundation Appoints Two Sixies To Board of Directors
Six Feet Up honored to have two Sixies selected for the 2014-2015 Plone Foundation Board of Directors.
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Jan 13 Indianapolis
IndyPy Monthly Meetup
Meet other local Python Programming Language enthusiasts!
Feb 6 Nashville, TN
The second annual regional Python conference is coming up in Nashville this February.
Apr 8 Montreal
PyCon is the event of the year for Python developers. We will be attending to exchange ideas and to help promote Plone.
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