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Apr 2 8:00AM 5 Great Reasons to Syndicate Content Across Your Websites
Content syndication maximizes the value of your content, provides a simple way to maintain consistency, and saves time.
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Mar 12 7:00AM Why Content Marketing is Key to Developing Patient Trust
Patients rely heavily on search and hospital websites in the decision making process. Healthcare organizations should consider syndicating informational content to physician sites and pages to grow trust and aid in physician selection...
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Mar 5 8:32AM Five reasons why waiting isn't the best upgrade strategy
We recommend upgrading to the latest stable version of Plone (emphasis on "stable"). Here's why:
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Feb 11 10:10AM Why Consider Consolidating Your Websites?
If you have multiple websites scattered across CMSs you might want to consider consolidating them to control them in one place, share across them and save time. Here's a few reasons you should consider consolidating your websites.
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Feb 6 8:00AM Top Reasons to Migrate to WebUnity
If you are looking to upgrade your existing Plone installation, you should consider WebUnity, the complete multisite Plone package. Here are the top benefits of WebUnity over vanilla Plone
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Feb 4 8:00AM Why Consider Integrating Your Websites?
If your organization has multiple websites, multiple teams, and/or multiple CMS technologies you need to integrate those sites to easily manage and syndicate content across them.
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Apr 14 8:00AM Steel Grip launches new site with E-commerce and enhanced search
Six Feet Up developed and is hosting a new website with an improved E-commerce experience and a customizable search engine.
Apr 9 8:00AM Six Feet Up CEO featured as one of 10 influential women in tech
On the heels of Inside Indiana Business' expose with female leaders, Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker was included in an exclusive list from the Indy Star.
Mar 20 8:00AM Gabrielle Featured on Inside Indiana Business
Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, CEO of Six Feet Up, was invited to be one of several female entrepreneurs in Indiana highlighted on Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick.
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May 15 Live Webinar
PushHub Content Syndication Webinar
We will be showing how easy it is to share content across multiple websites and CMS platforms with PushHub. 2:00-2:45 PM ET
May 22 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
HighEdWeb Michigan
The HighEdWeb Regional Conference in Michigan is designed for all higher education web professionals—from programmers and developers to communicators and designers.
Jun 15 Oshkosh, WI
Plone Symposium Midwest
The Plone Symposium Midwest is a regional event for both new and experienced users of the Plone Enterprise CMS.
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