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ReTrans (signage system)

Transportation expert ReTrans tapped Six Feet Up for help to develop a custom application that is able to pull and push a variety of internal and external data into a digital signage system.

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Linux Certification System

Linux Certification Program Illustration

Six Feet Up assisted an international nonprofit in implementing their online Certification Program for both early-career and engineer-level Linux systems administrators.

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University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

WebUnity = Lineage + Resonate + Spotlight

The College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame wanted to establish a unified umbrella brand for the College with individual sub-brands for their departments and research centers. Six Feet Up helped roll out a parent/child infrastructure to greatly simplify content syndication and to increase search engine rankings. Eventually, Six Feet Up released a new multisite package for Plone called WebUnity, which enables multisite management, content syndication and more.

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ReTrans (corporate site)

ReTrans Loyalty Image

ReTrans is a company that offers logistics management and shipping services for large corporations. When ReTrans contacted Six Feet Up, they were still using static HTML to manage their main corporate website.

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Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI)

SFARI Homepage

The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) seeks to improve the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders by driving research efforts. When the Foundation sought to improve upon their online tools, Six Feet Up integrated various systems into the new

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University of Virginia Health System

UVa Health Homepage

The University of Virginia Health System website is the go-to spot for patients and families to find information about doctors, services, locations and health-related topics in their area. Six Feet Up helped UVA Health System launch an all-new site for their Medical Center. The new site is powered by the Plone CMS and aims at organizing information on hundreds of doctors, locations, conditions, treatments and more.

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Online Learning at Penn State

The College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State had been using the open source CMS Plone to power their online course delivery system. Over the years, it had grown to more than 120 individual courses, and the college was experiencing  performance issues. Six Feet Up addressed the issue by consolidating the sites into just 1 system using the Linage product.

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Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company

Six Feet Up spearheaded a large web redevelopment project for a prominent Fortune 200 pharmaceutical company, involving over 30 resources, and resulting in a new website tailor made to the requirements of their global business. The project covered the redevelopment of a destination website for healthcare professionals designed to answer their questions about the company's products. The site took a multi-prong approach, allowing visitors to satisfy their information needs through various channels, such as print, email, downloads and hardcopy requests. The project also aimed to help internal users (staff and various medical liaisons) to easily retrieve information using a more personalized view of the content, and fulfilling customer requests from the repository.

Six Feet Up developed the desired solution based on the open source content management system Plone. We assisted the client in importing several thousands files – complete with their respective metadata and various mapping components – out of the legacy SharePoint system and into Plone. The new system included a strong registration and authentication component, a series of custom content types, strict content management rules, various fulfillment options, a Solr search component and a critical audit trail, as detailed below.

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Fortune 1,000 Diet and Lifestyle Management Company

This Fortune 1,000 Diet and Lifestyle Management company needed a website that would bridge the gap among their geographically distributed staff. Utilizing Plone's content management system and custom add-on products, Six Feet Up successfully launched a solid intranet built to support the company's long term growth and enhancement strategies.

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Amtrak's History of America's Railroad

Amtrak History Tickets Imagery

Following Amtrak's celebration campaign for their 40th Anniversary, the History of America's Railroad website was in need of an update.

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The McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State

Democracy Institute LogoThe College of the Liberal Arts, at Penn State University, approached Six Feet Up about developing a brand new responsive website for the McCourtney Institute for Democracy.

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Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine is best known in its print form as a science magazine written for a general audience. Discover's web presence,,  has long been a Plone website.

Discover Screenshot

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Stratacomm contacted Six Feet Up with the challenge of architecting, designing, developing and launching a brand-new Plone 4 site for a highly visible client in less than 4 weeks.

Sugarcane Screenshot

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Simons Foundation

SpeakFriend Python OpenIDSimons Foundation is a private foundation based in New York City that funds research in mathematics and the basic sciences.

When it came to Six Feet Up, Simons Foundation was looking to replace their old authentication server with a more modern implementation. Six Feet Up architected and implemented SpeakFriend, an OpenID solution based off of the Python Web framework Pyramid that features a robust and user-friendly interface, advanced security, and increased speed.

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Duke Clinical Research Institute

Looking to upgrade their existing Plone based intranet, DCRI asked Six Feet Up to implement a "hub and spokes" site structure with a parent site and various child sites.

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Healthcare Strategy Institute

Six Feet Up used HTML5 to develop the official HCMS mobile app companion to the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit 2012, a flagship conference organized by the Healthcare Strategy Institute.

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Indiana Historical Society

Indiana Historical Society wanted to improve their online presence and launch their new website in conjunction with the Grand Opening of their exhibit 'Indiana Experience'. The new site greatly facilitates content updates, and offers a much more polished look.

IHS Homepage

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RES Software

RES Software develops products that help businesses meet the needs of a "dynamic workforce that requires on-demand access to their personalized workspaces."  They needed a partner to continue to develop a website that provided its clients with on-demand and interactive information.

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Oxfam GB

Oxfam GB deployed the open source KARL Knowledge Management System as a collaboration platform and asked Six Feet Up to be their hosting and support partner.

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Open Society Foundations

KARL is a distributed knowledge management system the Open Society Foundations uses to collaborate between its staff and affiliates.

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