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A manufacturer of steel and fiber shipping containers operating out of four states.

Project Outline:

Berenfield Containers, a manufacturer of steel drums, has asked Six Feet Up for assistance with the development of a web-based customer relation/ manufacturing process management system. The application is meant to be accessed by multiple employees from multiple plant locations over various platforms.

One area of the application will allow Berenfield's sales representatives to record their interactions with prospects and customers. The other area will help plant managers supervise production orders at their location. Both areas will feature multiple levels of access depending on users' privileges.

To this end, Six Feet Up is currently developing a Firefox-based application that will replace Berenfield's current Outlook-based system by providing users with synchronized distributed access to a central database. To achieve this, Six Feet Up is integrating LDAP and SQL data sources with a Zope 3 backend that broadcasts updates via a Jabber server and RDF content views. Custom firefox components have had to be developed as well to add missing functionalities such as allowing the client to broadcast network sockets for Jabber.

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