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Being an "active sponsor": The Plone Conf survey app

written by Calvin Hendryx-Parker on Monday September 22, 2014

PloneConf2014.jpgWe are excited this year to not only be attending and sponsoring Plone Conf 2014, but we are also donating our Survey App to the conference. This app has been used at many events in the past with great results for the organizers.

More feedback = better events

We built this app and give it to conference organizers because so many of them had problems getting people to provide feedback. And if they got feedback they didn't have an easy way to manage the results.

surveyapp_loginiphone4.pngRecently our survey app was used for the Healthcare Internet Conference. With only 400 attendees they were able to collect over 1,300 session survey submissions and 2,500 speaker survey submissions for the event. This was a huge achievement. We hope to help the Plone Conf the same way to shape and grow this critical event for our community.

Being an active sponsor

We are looking forward to working with Netsight to be an "active sponsor" of Plone Conf. This is someone who not only contributes money to an event, but puts muscle into making the event and the community even better. We also help organize Plone Symposium Midwest and IndyPy (our local Python meetup group), and we occasionally host sprints. Part of the reason we love Plone is the number of companies that share our belief of actively supporting Plone by rolling up their sleeves. Thanks to all of you that do so.

Get involved

If you haven't be an active sponsor before, now is the time. What are you doing to support the events and applications that benefit your business? How can you be an active sponsor to help grow the Plone & Python communities? Do you take Plone marketing material to share at other events? Or how about giving out content on the benefits of using open source in the enterprise?

Do you need materials or help? We'd love to talk with anyone looking to be more involved.

Are you going to Plone Conf 2014? We'd love to see you there.

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