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KARL Enhancements by Six Feet Up

Six Feet Up has already developed a series of enhancements to the open source Knowledge Management System KARL. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in bringing any of those enhancements to your KARL instance!

Community Management Tools

  • Optional Community Description
    • This enhancement makes it optional to provide a description when creating a community.
  • Open Communities
    • This enhancement supports the creation of "open" communities that don't require moderator's approval for people who want to join the community. Administrators have the ability to change the security status of a community from "open" to "public" (a.k.a. moderated communities) and to "private".
    • Community Forums
      • By default KARL only supports the addition of discussion forums to "offices". This enhancement brings the forum feature to communities.
      • Nested Communities
        • This enhancement provides support for unlimited nested communities (i.e. parent and child communities).
      • Sub-Community Portlet
        • This enhancement is a companion to the "Nested Communities" feature. Through this feature, a "Sub-Communities" navigation portlet is displayed to list all the immediate sub-communities and allows users to add new communities.
      • Breadcrumbs
        • This enhancements is a companion to the "Nested Communities" feature as it enables the display of breadcrumbs on all pages to help users browse around their intranet.

      Knowledge Management Tools

      • Improved "Overview" Tab
        • This enhancement improves the information displayed on the "Overview" tab to display a listing of all recent activities and corresponding initial lines of text, organized in reverse chronological order. By default the view will show the 10 most recent posts with automatic pagination in place for convenient browsing (content gets loaded as the user scrolls down).
        • Blog Post Syndication
          • This enhancement offers admins and moderators an option to syndicate a blog post to other communities' "Blog" tabs. There is no review process and no ways for another community to refuse the syndicated content at this time.
          • Forum Creation Access
            • By default, KARL only allows admins to create forums. This enhancement adds the ability to configure a community so that either moderators or members can add a forum.
          • Incremental Notifications
            • By default, KARL only offers the possibility to send an email about content at the creation time. This enhancement makes it possible to notify community members by email on each edit of a blog post, wiki, forum post.
            • Link Portlet
              • This enhancement displays a "Community Links" portlet that members can use to add [n] internal/external links via a simple form. URLs are validated but not checked, therefore users are responsible for maintaining link integrity.
            • Enhanced RSS Views
              • This enhancement allows KARL to show additional information from an RSS feed, such as the author, date of the posting and summary of the post.

            Calendar Improvements

              • Time Zone Support
                • This new feature allows users from different time zones to share events through the KARL calendar and always see the events expressed in their own time zone.
                • iCal Feed
                  • This enhancement allows KARL users to subscribe to all events inside a specific community so that events are automatically imported into users regular calendar applications:
                    • The update frequency is initially set to 15 minutes.
                    • KARL events are read-only in users' regular calendar applications.
                    • Past events are truncated to leave only four weeks worth of past events.
                    • When users leave a community, they no longer have permission to view the calendar and the feed stops working. The only events that will show will be the ones that were added on the last sync from the server.
                    • The iCal feed works with "regular calendar applications" as listed on Wikipedia. Note that Outlook 2011 on the Mac may not directly supports iCalendar though. A workaround may be needed by using iCal on OS X.

                Intranet Management Tools

                  • Multi-Tenant Support
                    • This enhancement allows administrators to centrally manage several independent intranets. This includes setting up each sub site's logo and footer as well as rolling out up custom vanity URLs.
                    • Content Export
                      • This enhancement allows administrators to zip all of the blog posts, wiki pages, events and files from a specific intranet and export them out of KARL.


                        Interested in adding any of the above features to your KARL instance? Contact Carol Ganz at 317-861-5948 x610 or email

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