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Six Feet Up Offers Training Based on Real-World Experience

Six Feet Up is a leading provider of training and mentoring services for developers and end-users who want to step up their use of the Plone Content Management System. The Six Feet Up team has over 10 years of real-world experience in Plone development and deployment - and the skills and knowledge we've developed have been captured in our training sessions. You can choose from the list of topics below to augment your current skill set or learn something new.

Whether you prefer hands-on, on site or a web-based training solution, Six Feet Up can customize our training sessions to fit your needs.

Session USE01: Introduction to Plone from a Content Contributor's Perspective

  • CMS Basics
  • ZMI
  • Membership Administration
  • Default Plone Content Types
  • Creating Simple Content with Plone (page, news, event, folder, file, etc.)
  • Collections (how to use them, edit them)
  • Content Rules Engine
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Versioning Content

Session DEV01: CMS and Environment Setup

  • Environment setup for Windows or OS X
  • Version Control Best Practices
  • Intro to Eggs
  • Buildout
    • mr.bob
    • Recipes
    • Version Pinning
    • Command line options
  • Installing Products
  • Installing Products for Development

Session DEV02: Debugging Plone & Zope

  • Buildout debugging setup
  • Using clouseau / zopectl debug
  • Using pdb
  • Logging
  • Tips and Tricks

Session DEV03: Python and Python Scripts

  • Common Python Idioms
  • Using Python in Plone
  • Python Scripts
  • Python in Zope Page Templates (Browser and Util views)
  • Python Tips and Tricks

Session DEV04: Additional Programming Languages

  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS and LESS

Session DEV05: Plone Product Development

  • Introduction to Portal Types
  • Creating Plone Add-on Products
  • Introduction to Dexterity
  • Creating Content Types
    • Fields
    • Widgets
    • References
    • Vocabularies
    • Storages
  • Introduction to Plone's Content Types
  • Behaviors
  • Product Layout
  • Generic Setup profiles
  • Upgrade Steps
  • Packaging and Distributing your product
  • Creating a Policy Package
  • Upgrading Plone to new versions

Session DEV06: Workflow Techniques

  • Moving Content through Workflow
  • Placeful Workflow
  • Customizing Workflow

Session DEV07: Security

  • Introduction to Zope's Security API
  • Plone Membership Tools
  • Pluggable Authentication Service
  • Managing Groups
  • Managing Roles and Permissions
  • Default Plone Security
  • Securing Folders
  • Utilizing Placeful Workflow

Session DEV08: Search

  • Full-text indexing, Live Search
  • Search tool options
  • ZCatalog interface
  • Pluggable Indexes
  • Dexteritytextindexer

Session DEV09: Advanced Product Development

  • Zope 3
    • Events
    • Views
    • Utilities
  • Advanced Dexterity Techniques

Session DEV10: Relational Databases

  • Integrating Plone with external databases
  • Simple SQL Methods
  • Integrating MySQL based Membership

Session DEV11: Advanced Integration/Performance

  • Integrating Zope/Plone with LDAP directories
  • Webservices with Zope
  • Migrating data between instances
    • Import/Export
    • collective.transmogrifier migration pipelines
    • Splitting Data.fs files up

Session DEV12: Plone Packaging & Deployment Techniques

  • Advanced buildout techniques using SixieSkel
  • Python egg packaging
  • Releasing to distribution servers
  • Source control management best practices

Session TMP01: Basic Theming Techniques 

  • Diazo rules syntax and tags
  • Overriding templates using z3c.jbot
  • Plone Diazo tips
  • Diazo Conditions
  • Using Variables in rules

Session TMP02: Advanced Theming Techniques

  • XSLT
  • Plone Resource Registries
  • Generic Setup
  • How to create and build a theme with mr.bob

Session TMP03: Introduction to Zope Page Templates

  • Introduction to Dynamic Web Pages
  • Introduction to Zope Page Templates (ZPT)
  • TAL Statements
  • TALES Expressions
  • METAL Macros
  • TAL vs Chameleon

Session ADM01: Basic System Administration

  • System Sizing
  • OS Selection (Advantage or Disadvantage of each)
    • Unix Fundamentals (recommended)
    • Microsoft Fundamentals
      • Configuration
      • Logging
      • Security
  • Monitoring the health of the system (intro to Zenoss/Opsview)
  • Git Training
  • Installing Zope
  • Intro to Buildout

Session ADM02: Zope System Administration

  • Monitoring Zope
    • Monitoring HTTP
    • Checking ZODB
    • Functional Tests
  • Using Supervisor to control Zope
  • Cron and Scripting Zope Administration (Zope's clock server and cron parts)
  • repozo Backup and Restore

Session ADM03: Web Performance 

  • Web Server
    • Configuration
    • Tuning
  • Load balancing with HAProxy
  • CacheFu
    • HTTP Caching Headers
    • Squid/Varnish: Configuration & Security
    • Zope Integration
    • Cache Invalidation
    • Configuring Caching Rules
  • Tuning Zope


Increased productivity and fewer errors improves client satisfaction and reduces your expenses in QA and bug fixes. In order to achieve these goals, your team needs the right tools, skills and processes to succeed.


Don't see what you are looking for? Six Feet Up can create custom training to meet your company's specific  needs.


Please contact us to discuss your training plans today.


Six Feet Up offers two packaged trainings:

We also offer custom trainings based on our clients needs. Just contact us for a quote.

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