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Ongoing Mentoring

Six Feet Up is committed to advancing Plone and contributing to the Community. As part of this effort, we provide various mentoring and training services ranging from basic support services to resource augmentation services, virtual team integration via group meetings, and access to our group of developers via Jabber/aim.

Basic ad-hoc support services

Submit your questions and/or requests to the Six Feet Up development team via email and phone.

This plan includes access to:

  • Email support via RT (a dedicated email address will be provided)
  • Phone support (would need to be scheduled)

Price schedule: contact us.


Resource augmentation services

In addition to basic ad-hoc support services, consider Six Feet Up as your extended partner. We will either set up a Trac instance for your project on our server, or leverage your Trac instance, so you can easily assign tickets to the appropriate people, effectively tapping into various types of resources to complete your projects.

This plan includes access to the following services via direct email/phone/jabber/aim/Trac ticket:

  • development services
  • project management services
  • discovery phase services
  • technical strategy services
  • QA services
  • systems administration services

Price schedule: contact us.


Ongoing mentoring services

In addition to the previous 2 plans, leverage the power of a team of experienced Plone developers to advance your own expertise, without the cost and time involved into physically attending trainings and seminars.

This plan includes the services previously described and:

  • participation in Six Feet Up internal technical brainstorming sessions
  • participation in Six Feet Up post-mortem meetings
  • participation in Six Feet Up's developers trainings (weekly)
  • access to Six Feet Up's knowledge center

Price schedule: contact us.


Emergency support

This would be for assistance provided outside normal business hours, and would come with a short response time by an engineer (4 hours).

Price schedule: contact us.

In addition to these services, we would also be available to help you with any planned development projects you may have (at our standard hourly rate). These would need to be scheduled as any regular project.

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