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Emergency Contact Form

This Emergency Contact system will automatically contact Technical Support by pager 24/7. The response time will depend on your Service Level Agreement or Retainer Terms.

The form below is NOT intended for general support and should ONLY be used in severe circumstances, such as:

    • Service interruption (website unreachable)
    • Hardware failure
    • Request for backup recovery
    • Database down or unreachable
    • Mailing list in a repeating loop
    • Abuse or misuse of a mailing list or user account

For other issues, please use our Non-Emergency Support Form.


    • For our clients not on a support and/or retainer plan, we offer support services billed in prepaid, one-hour increments. Please consult our standard rates for further details.
    • Any support request that falls under the responsibility of Six Feet Up will be addressed at no charge to you and upfront payments will be credited back.

    * Denote mandatory fields

    This form is to be used for true emergencies only. Any general support requests will be billed at our emergency hourly rates  

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    By clicking "submit" on this form, you agree to the terms listed above.