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University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

One college site with multiple department and center subsites

While a CMS empowers staff to publish content more easily, and enforces consistent college-wide branding and structure, the College of Engineering wanted each one of their departments and research centers to have control over their own areas of the website.

This was accomplished through Lineage, a popular Plone add-on product developed by Six Feet Up:

  • Lineage gives each department and research center the ability to have its own sub-site.
  • Each sub-site can have its own design, workflow, site-specific content types, and different sets of user privileges (i.e. a faculty member can be an administrator on one sub-site, a content contributor on another sub-site, and a community member on a third sub-site.)
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Online Learning at Penn State

From 120 sites to 1 with Lineage

Six Feet Up addressed the issue by upgrading the system to the latest version of Plone, and by consolidating 120+ sites into just 1. The existing content was migrated to a new architecture where all courses are now living within one single Plone site. Using Lineage, our subsite management tool for Plone, we grouped courses by department and created a series of seemingly independent child sites. The result of this consolidation effort is a unique Plone instance with 30 department sites, and over a hundred course subsites that each have their own search and navigation system.


Performance Advantages

"The system is performing very well. Complaints from teachers and students about the site being unavailable have stopped"

This consolidation effort makes the online course system much more efficient: all courses have shown a huge improvement in uptime, stability and performance. "The system is performing very well. Complaints from teachers and students about the site being unavailable have stopped" stated Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, CEO of Six Feet Up.

Simplified & Automated Content Management

Editing courses has also been much simplified. The College of the Liberal Arts' admin only needs to remember one password to one website, and browse to the course or lesson that needs to be edited. Adding an entirely new series of courses is much easier too: upon clicking of the "add new course" button, the system automatically creates a default basic structure of lessons, folders, and placeholder images, and the parent theme gets applied to the new course.

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