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University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

LDAP Integration

Six Feet Up integrated the College's Plone site with the University of Notre Dame's existing LDAP central authentication service. When users with existing Notre Dame credentials register to have an account with the College of Engineering website, they now only need to enter their NetID as their requested username. Once the site's administrators approve their login, members can access the College of Engineering site using their existing University usernames and passwords. This makes it easier to interact with the new site for both site members and site administrators.

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Online Learning at Penn State

Learning Management System Integration

Penn State's new eLearning system is now using the ANGEL LMS as an authoritative source of user and group information. Thanks to the Plone product AngelPas, any new course can get instantly linked up to the students and faculty who are assigned to that same course in ANGEL. This means the site administrator no longer has to manually set permissions on courses to give access to faculty and students.

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Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI)

Wiki Integration

The SFARI Wiki offers the ability for live collaboration so as to provide an up-to-date, searchable reference about concepts in autism research. The SFARI Wiki was set up with MoinMoin, a Python WikiEngine, allowing for authorized users to create and edit wiki pages via their web browser.  Researchers and collaborators can create pages that include text, images, links, and various media.  Wiki pages are searchable within, making them accessible to the community and public alike.  Revisions of wiki pages are stored letting users go back to view the data transformation over time.


Discussion Forums needed to provide a virtual members' community for users to post questions, discuss areas of research between disciplines and share research before publication. Forums were implemented using Vanilla for its customization and email subscription abilities.  Members can subscribe to "My Discussions", "My Bookmarks", "My Comments" and receive notifications when a comment or reply has been posted.  Restricting access to only members was one more feature allowing cross-discipline discussions to further research.


The Foundation wished to develop a method for invited guest commentators and their staff to be involved in the discussion.  Six Feet Up implemented and ReCaptcha to enable commenting on news and blog articles while limiting the potential for spamming. This feature also lets the public be involved in the discussion of developing research where insight into a topic is open and free flowing.

PubMed Integration

In order to keep the most up-to-date information on autism research available on, a method was developed using paper types in Plone and cron jobs to pull daily articles and publications from PubMed, an online citation source for biomedical literature.  Every night, the newest articles regarding autism (and any other topic wishes to provide) are pulled from the PubMed database and formatted into a template designed for the foundation. Administrators can look through the articles pulled on a daily basis and publish those they feel are critical to research.

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University of Virginia Health System

Content Integration with EBSCO

Plone supports importing RSS feeds of content out of the box. In addition, Six Feet Up customized the UVA Health System site to integrate EBSCO medical content libraries using their web services.

ebsco import


Content is automatically pulled from EBSCO and managed by the site editors. Six Feet Up customized the EBSCO library content for the University of Virginia's Health System to allow for easy customization of just portions of a single document while still allowing for nightly updates to be obtained and applied to the rest of the content.

ebsco condition


In addition, the EBSCO integration for the site supports pulling all of the related media, such as images and video for the items from their library. This allows the complete and seamless integration of the contents from an external library so they are served directly from the UVA Health System site.

rendered ebsco

Integration with Google Maps

Finding locations has been made easy thanks to integration work with Google maps.  All clinics are listed on the left and their location shown with a pinpoint on the map on the right.  Clicking on a clinic pops up more details about the clinic's location.  Clicking on the clinic's title in the popup takes the user to the clinic's full detail page with information on hours, directions, parking, and more.

Map Search

When used in conjunction with the "Quick Search", visitors can shorten the list of clinics to the left of the map by searching for a service provided, street name, location title and more.

Map and Quick Finder

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Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company

The system developed by Six Feet Up was backed by close to 20 custom audit reports allowing the client to meet their compliance requirements in case of an FDA audit. The reports also provided valuable business metrics allowing the client to adjust its online strategy. All system activity was logged into a relational database (the open source RDBMS PostgreSQL) in order to allow for ease of dynamic reporting.

Reporting features included:

  • Drill-down filters such as date, document metadata, user roles, content types and more.
  • Ability to turn system activity into usable metrics for administrators, such as views into how many users of different types utilize the system.
  • Access to detailed views of how the search system was used, including search results returned at a specific point in time (admins can see what versions of documents were returned, etc.)
  • Security audits, such as failed logins and account status.
  • Downloadable CSV exports of the results from each report for further analysis in a spreadsheet software.

Using PostgreSQL also allowed Six Feet Up to leverage advanced features, such as:

  • Robust data integrity.
  • Strong procedural language support, to allow custom business logic to run inside the database.
  • Recursive queries, to be able to link user activities to specific actions on the site.
  • Case-insensitive searching and sorting.
  • Hot standby and streaming replication, to ensure the database can remain available despite hardware failures.
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