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Six Feet Up Releases EasySlideshow v1.0

EasySlideshow LogoSix Feet Up is pleased to announce the release of EasySlideshow v1.0, the easy solution for slideshow management in Plone.

EasySlideshow is a Plone product that makes it simple for any content editor to create and manage online slideshows. It comes with all the settings and controls content managers need to customize slideshows, such as:

  • Adjusting the delay between slide transitions;
  • Managing the height/width of slideshow images;
  • Controlling whether or not captions are shown with slides;
  • Selecting whether or not users can pause the slideshow on hover;
  • Selecting slides timeout;
  • Turning the display of slide numbers on/off;
  • And more...


"EasySlideshow was born because we couldn't find any reliable, powerful and user-friendly slideshow management tool for Plone", explains Chrissy Wainwright, Senior Template Developer at Six Feet Up. "Other solutions may be a good fit for developers, but we wanted something that would let end users have full control of their slideshows without the need to write code."

Six Feet Up has already deployed EasySlideshow on over half a dozen sites, proving this Plone add-on is a good fit for both small and enterprise-level organizations. Examples of sites leveraging EasySlideshow include:


For more information about EasySlideshow v1.0, please visit the official Plone website at: http://plone.org/products/collective.easyslideshow

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