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About Solr

solr.pngSolr is a highly scalable enterprise-grade search platform from the Apache Lucene project.

Six Feet Up has been leveraging Solr to augment basic search functions in CMSs, adding enterprise search features like custom indexing rules, highlighting, spell-checking and expansion of queries to include synonyms of the searched terms.

Here are five noteworthy public sites that use Solr to handle search:

  1. – The Obama administration's keystone web site is powered by Solr!
  2. Netflix – Solr powers basic movie searching on this extremely busy site.
  3. uses Solr & SolrJ for their search and navigation across 150,000 styles of shoes and other products.
  4. Ticketmaster is Solr powered, handing search, browsing, alerts, partner feeds.
  5. Pubget indexes the world's medical related scientific journals (Medline) together with full-text PDF locations and university library holdings rules.

Six Feet Up has embraced Solr for many sophisticated web development projects. We like Solr because it's an open source and well supported search application with great usability features for developers. Thanks to Solr, we have the control we need to make sure the search results are relevant and match our clients' specific needs.

solrindexlogo.pngSix Feet Up has also developed SolrIndex, a custom product for Plone that integrates Solr search features into the popular open source content management system.

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