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Enterprise Search

The sheer volume of content produced nowadays makes it critical for both public websites and intranets to come with highly relevant search capabilities. As a result, today's enterprise search tools take synonyms into consideration, offer spelling suggestions, let site administrators manage weighted metadata, provide in-context search term highlighting, and rely on stop-words and stemming techniques to strip unnecessary "noise" from queries.

Six Feet Up has been deploying custom search features for a wide variety of clients. The goal is to improve the accuracy and relevance of individual searches, as well as reduce the amount of time required to search for resources.

Faceted search interfaces are especially helpful with large collections of data as they provide site visitors with a quick and intuitive way to narrow down their search results in real time.

Federated search integration projects expand search capabilities to multiple data sources. This facilitates research by helping users find relevant documents in more specialized or remote corners of the Internet. This makes federated search a vital technology for students and professional researchers.

Six Feet Up has been using the widely-used Solr enterprise search platform to help our clients enhance online search. We are also adding enterprise search features to custom web apps like Pyramid through expert PostgreSQL database configuration work.

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