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Why & How PushHub Works

Creating, sharing, managing and finding content can be a pain when you are dealing with multiple stand-alone websites. And putting everything into one system is oftentimes not an option.

PushHub enables you to easily syndicate content across a network of sites. Anything from privacy policies, staff profiles to entire articles can be shared.

PushHub is a content hub with an advanced search engine and connectors for a variety of systems including WordPress and Drupal.

5 reasons to syndicate:

Augment local marketing efforts

You can leverage global content on local sites, like sharing information from a medical symptoms library on the sites of physician groups.

Cross-promote sites

Increase your customer engagement by helping visitors discover more relevant content from other internal or external sources.

Ensure Compliance

Every site has a set of privacy policies, EULAs and other legal disclosures. Keep yours in sync by creating them once and pushing them to every site.

Achieve more with Automation

Does your team waste time by copying and pasting content, then manually updating each copy? Instead, you can manage content with "one and done" simplicity and eliminate errors.

Maintain brand consistency

Through centralized web asset management you can easily update logos, company descriptions, etc. If a product tagline or price changes, it can be instantly updated across every site.

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