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How are you helping your content thrive?

At Six Feet Up we build websites and applications that make it easier to leverage your content anywhere.  Whether you want to manage 100 sites in one system or synchronize data across multiple systems, we've built solutions that help.


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WebUnity is our all-in-one multisite management package. We've used it to help universities put 120 course sites into a single system, and help organizations share editorial access to subsites while maintaining a single system that can share data across those sites.



PushHub allows you to sync data across Plone, Drupal and WordPress based sites. It can even be extended to other systems.  With PushHub you'll never have to copy and paste data across sites or worry about out of date copies.


Need something unique to fulfill your vision?

We build enterprise grade applications using our proven process and meticulous attention to detail.  Learn more about our custom app development services.


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