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Plone Theming Training (2 Days)

Training Overview:

This in-person or web-based training session spans 2 days and walks attendees through the process of front-end template development of a Plone site from start to finish using Diazo along with traditional theming. The training will be a hands-on walkthrough of the process, using a pre-created sample design.

Training Syllabus:

The 'Theming Plone' training will cover the following topics:

  • Theming a site with Diazo
  • Editing and creating CSS files
  • Overview of the ZMI and Generic Setup
  • TAL templating language
  • Overriding default Plone templates
  • Using the custom folder
  • Traditional theming methods
    • Viewlets and Portlets
    • Creating new viewlets
    • Creating new content type templates

Target Audience:

* web designers
* Plone developers wanting to expand their knowledge
* anyone that would like to learn how to build a theme for a Plone site

Preferred Pre-requisite knowledge:

* knowledge of XHTML/CSS
* basic familiarity with Plone

Note: Trainees will be contacted prior to the event about getting their computers ready so that they will be able to participate in the training.  We will develop from the Plone unified installer.


About the Instructor:

Six Feet Up's Senior Developer Chrissy Wainwright joined the company in January 2008. She has implemented Plone themes for dozens of sites.  In addition to being a Plone Core contributor, she has also done a bit of development on the KARL project. She has also served several terms on the Plone Foundation's Board of Directors.

Chrissy graduated from Western Illinois University in 2004 with a degree in Instructional Technology and Telecommunications, and has worked with websites ever since. Chrissy has given this training and various theming talks at Plone events in past years.

Want To Know More?

Please contact our Sales team at 317-861-5948 x602.

Six Feet Up offers two packaged trainings:

We also offer custom trainings based on our clients needs. Just contact us for a quote.

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