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Discovery & Analysis
The Discovery & Analysis phase helps determine direction and specific actionable tasks of later project phases, as well as the actual costs associated with the entire project.
Graphic Design
An effective design philosophy leads to websites that are authoritative, that drive action and engagement, and that raise funds and revenues...
Site Performance Analysis
Is your site experiencing a higher than normal usage of RAM? Is your site running too slow? Does your site need to be restarted too often? What will happen when you want to upgrade your site to the latest Plone?
Installation and Upgrades
Stop adapting your processes to your site's ability, and adapt your site to your needs instead!
Data Center Buildout and Design
Modern technology demands a modern data center. Your data center needs to be customized to fulfill your company's technological demand.
Plone/Zope/Python Trainings
Whether you prefer hands-on, on site or a web-based training solution, Six Feet Up can customize our training sessions to fit your needs.
Ongoing Mentoring
Six Feet Up provides various mentoring and training services ranging from basic support services to resource augmentation services, virtual team integration via group meetings, and access to our group of developers via Jabber/aim.
Standard Fee Schedule
Six Feet Up offers commercial support for a variety of open source technologies.
Ongoing Support Plans
Proactive Maintenance Plans and Support Options to bring you peace of mind...
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