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Top 10 Web Features Deployed in Life Sciences

Discover the top 10 web features deployed in Life Sciences by Six Feet Up in 2010-11
#1 - Security & Disaster Recovery
See how a large pharma protects their data and remains in compliance.
#2 - Authentication & Authorization
Find out how a healthcare research organization simplifies login across multiple systems.
#3 - Publication Workflows
How does a research institute delegate content creation safely?
#4 - Sophisticated Search
Find out how a health system helps customers find exactly what they need.
#5 - Microsites
See how you can use micro sites to address multiple audiences.
#6 - Customized Look & Feel
Content management doesn't need to hold back your brand or creativity.
#7 - Social Media Integration
Find out how Discover Magazine leverages the social media phenomenon.
#8 - Word, Excel, PDF & Video
See how to make your website more engaging with interactive content.
#9 - Systems Integration
Read about systems integration in medical research.
#10 - Powerful Collaboration
See how other organizations share knowledge.

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