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University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

While Plone provides significant power to Notre Dame staff and faculty, a CMS is only as good as the content it manages. It was crucial for the University to have a way to encourage faculty members to frequently and consistently publish new content to the website.

To answer this need, Six Feet Up developed the staff directory product Spotlight. The add-on gives each person both a public profile and a portfolio area, which they can use to post recent achievements, news items they are featured in, as well as articles and publications they have authored. Faculty members can also designate and feature the profiles of the students they mentor.

Depending on the department the user is viewing, the staff directory dynamically filters results by affiliation. Visitors can further refine the data via the faceted navigation by narrowing down their search based on "Category", "Area of Expertise" and/or "Affiliation". The directory also features a "Quick Finder" field that allows visitors to enter keywords to help them find the appropriate profile. Another aspect of the directory is the A-Z navigation which allows users to quickly jump to a list of profiles based on members' last names.

The staff directory displays members' names, email, and phone number as well as a small portrait. An in-context preview popup will display when clicking on the name of a member in the directory. The popup then links to the full profile that contains each member's email, phone, website, office, affiliations, activities/interests, education and biography.

Six Feet Up leveraged the ATVocabularyManager and EEA Faceted Navigation add-ons for this implementation.

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