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Oxfam GB is an international non-profit aiming at overcoming poverty and suffering. They are a member of Oxfam International.

Project Outline:

Waiting for their upcoming Microsoft SharePoint-based intranet to be set up, Oxfam GB started looking for a short-term solution, valuing lightweight, flexible and resilient solutions. They elected to deploy the open source Knowledge Management System (KMS) KARL for a handful of their employees and chose Six Feet Up as their hosting partner.

Very quickly, the adoption rate for the new system went beyond expectations and KARL became a mission-critical tool for a large number of Oxfam GB employees. So the non-profit focused on the more pressing issue of providing support to their early adopters. They signed a Support Level Agreement with Six Feet Up who was tasked to perform KARL releases and updates, develop documentation, and assist the Oxfam Service Desk in supporting their KARL users.

To date, Oxfam GB has abandoned their initial plan of deploying SharePoint in order to focus on KARL.

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