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An organization described by The Washington Post as "a select group of 100 of the nation's most celebrated trial lawyers".

Project Outline:

The Inner Circle of Advocates had been using a password-protected message board on their private intranet to allow their members to easily communicate with each other and share thoughts and ideas on various legal issues. Powered by Plone 2.0, the message board quickly became a critical communication tool for the organization, and grew extremely slow as a result of the content increase.

Six Feet Up audited the system in place and identified several issues, one being that Plone 2.0 used an inefficient way of getting items in a folder. To make things worse, the intranet was saving data into multiple catalogs in an attempt to provide various sections with their own catalog. This created code inefficiencies as well as upgrading issues.

Six Feet Up then proposed and carried out a three-part action plan: first, fix and optimize the existing code; second, migrate the system to Plone 2.5; and third, move the intranet to its own dedicated server. The results of these efforts paid off and the Inner Circle members are now enjoying a much faster and more reliable access to their message board.

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