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Custom Content Types


The Indiana Historical Society was looking for a way to easily embed videos in their homepage and on specific templates.  To make it happen, Six Feet Up leveraged the add-on product Flowplayer.

Displaying videos is now a breeze: all site admins have to do is upload an .flv file as a standard Plone File and then add it to the homepage or Media Display of a page.


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"InDepth" Feature Slider

Indiana Historical Society needed the ability to easily feature specific pieces of content on any page, including the homepage. Six Feet Up created a slider content type that allows content admins to specify a number of items to display, and a target link for each item:

IHS Feature Slider

If the number of features that has been added exceeds the number of items set to display, scrolling arrows will automatically appear to allow the viewing of all features.

It's also possible to select "Inherit Features setting" in order to display the features which are showing on the page's parent folder.  This is selected by default and allows Indiana Historical Society to display the same feature-sets on multiple pages, without any additional work.

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