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Once guests visit the Indiana Historical Society (IHS) website, they will want to come back to see the latest changes and updates.  Six Feet Up has ensured that visitors will never run out of new content to learn what is new at IHS.

By leveraging the product Quills, Indiana Historical Society staff members have the opportunity to write their own blog posts, keeping guests in touch with the very latest happenings at the Society.


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The blog landing page supports the display of an image with each specific blog post (a feature that was not previously available in the Quills product). Images may be landscape or portrait orientation, and are automatically scaled to fit the width or height of the frame. They are placed flush left against the frame edge for a clean and modern look:

IHS Blog landing page

Six Feet Up also enabled blog pages to support images, slideshows and movies. This was done by extending the "weblog" entry type to use "mediaSelection" and "mediaReference". Rich media is displayed in the top right corner of the content area via the same macro used on other templates throughout the site.

More recently, the Facebook Social Commenting tool was set up to replace the original blog commenting product. This allows content contributors to moderate and manage comments via a Facebook dashboard.

Finally, guests are able to stay connected with Indiana Historical Society through their favorite social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr sites, as well as through an RSS feed of the site:


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