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System Deployment

Operating in a highly regulated environment, this major pharmaceutical group needed a hosting system that offered superior security without sacrificing power or extensibility.

Six Feet Up provided high availability hosting for this project for over 4 years, with an uptime of 99.97% or higher, and no single point of failure. Six Feet Up designed the final hosting architecture, which consisted of a total of 19 pieces of hardware. The hosting environment was configured by Six Feet Up for failover with redundant Internet connections, private cloud storage of replicated data and full disaster recovery services.

The new hosting infrastructure was running 3 layers:
1. A web front-end layer running Nginx, Varnish and HAproxy
2. An application layer running the open source CMS Plone
3. A database layer using PostgreSQL as well as large binary object storage on ZFS for storage

Six Feet Up set up HAproxy as the load balancer, and Varnish for caching on the front-end.

The system ran out of two geographically separated colocation facilities, and ZFS was used for data replication to the disaster recovery environment. FreeBSD’s CARP ensured failover for both the web front-end and the database layers. Six Feet Up managed its own BGP and routing to handle up to 4 network service providers.

Finally, the team leveraged PGP encryption to manage the verification of thousands of physician records, as well as encrypting backups to ensure the personal details were safe at rest.

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