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The system developed by Six Feet Up was backed by close to 20 custom audit reports allowing the client to meet their compliance requirements in case of an FDA audit. The reports also provided valuable business metrics allowing the client to adjust its online strategy. All system activity was logged into a relational database (the open source RDBMS PostgreSQL) in order to allow for ease of dynamic reporting.

Reporting features included:

  • Drill-down filters such as date, document metadata, user roles, content types and more.
  • Ability to turn system activity into usable metrics for administrators, such as views into how many users of different types utilize the system.
  • Access to detailed views of how the search system was used, including search results returned at a specific point in time (admins can see what versions of documents were returned, etc.)
  • Security audits, such as failed logins and account status.
  • Downloadable CSV exports of the results from each report for further analysis in a spreadsheet software.

Using PostgreSQL also allowed Six Feet Up to leverage advanced features, such as:

  • Robust data integrity.
  • Strong procedural language support, to allow custom business logic to run inside the database.
  • Recursive queries, to be able to link user activities to specific actions on the site.
  • Case-insensitive searching and sorting.
  • Hot standby and streaming replication, to ensure the database can remain available despite hardware failures.

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