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Custom Content Types

Six Feet Up developed a series of custom content types containing various metadata, some of which designed to manage the inventory of both physical resources and digital copyrights.

One of the key features of the project was allowing site administrators to bundle content together into kits that contained a hierarchy of primary and supporting documents. We customized the system to support a variety of complex rules related to the display and availability of those kit items. For instance, primary documents were to always appear in search results above related supporting documents. If it was mandatory for users requesting a document to also get associated primary documents, the system automatically bundled those documents into a kit when the supporting document was requested. Business rules also included the need to automatically remove kits containing a source content item that was deleted or archived.

In addition, workflows were developed to change the visibility of these documents within the search results based on the role of the user. Documents could be private, publicly available for anyone to see, published for logged-in users to see via search results, or in a series of other states for internal review processes.

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