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University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

The College needed a convenient way to manage information about specific upcoming events. As a result, Six Feet Up created a custom Seminar type, which features several fields pertaining to the speaker(s), a way to designate the host and list their contact information, the event abstract, related files available for download, as well as other specific metadata. Key seminar information can be automatically syndicated to the homepage of the organization hosting the seminar.

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Amtrak's History of America's Railroad

Looking to make their content more attractive, Amtrak asked that their archives section display an image next to each entry, whether it is a blog post, a PDF file, an image or a video file. Six Feet Up addressed this request through an upgrade step by creating a new Dexterity behavior to handle the preview image.

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Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI)

Throughout the new site, custom templates were developed in Plone to make sure the newest and most recent information could be made available to the public. Listing views were applied to sections, such as news, blogs, autism in the arts, etc., that list articles in order of date published.

A related content portlet was also developed to display on news, blogs, etc that offers suggested material that may be of interest to the reader based on the content of the article being read.

A custom member profile was also created to allow members to maintain their information on the site so as to make it easy for visitors to connect with each other in the community.

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University of Virginia Health System

Online greeting cards

The electronic "get well soon" greeting card feature on the University of Virginia Health System website allows visitors to choose an image from a categorized library of images (such as family, nature, etc.). They can then either select a pre-written greeting or write a custom message for a patient.

The system automatically notifies Patient and Guest Services employees that a card is awaiting delivery.  The cards are converted to PDF and printed in high quality (400+ dpi) on solid paper stock and delivered to the patient in their room.

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Indiana Historical Society


The Indiana Historical Society was looking for a way to easily embed videos in their homepage and on specific templates.  To make it happen, Six Feet Up leveraged the add-on product Flowplayer.

Displaying videos is now a breeze: all site admins have to do is upload an .flv file as a standard Plone File and then add it to the homepage or Media Display of a page.


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"InDepth" Feature Slider

Indiana Historical Society needed the ability to easily feature specific pieces of content on any page, including the homepage. Six Feet Up created a slider content type that allows content admins to specify a number of items to display, and a target link for each item:

IHS Feature Slider

If the number of features that has been added exceeds the number of items set to display, scrolling arrows will automatically appear to allow the viewing of all features.

It's also possible to select "Inherit Features setting" in order to display the features which are showing on the page's parent folder.  This is selected by default and allows Indiana Historical Society to display the same feature-sets on multiple pages, without any additional work.

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Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company

Six Feet Up developed a series of custom content types containing various metadata, some of which designed to manage the inventory of both physical resources and digital copyrights.

One of the key features of the project was allowing site administrators to bundle content together into kits that contained a hierarchy of primary and supporting documents. We customized the system to support a variety of complex rules related to the display and availability of those kit items. For instance, primary documents were to always appear in search results above related supporting documents. If it was mandatory for users requesting a document to also get associated primary documents, the system automatically bundled those documents into a kit when the supporting document was requested. Business rules also included the need to automatically remove kits containing a source content item that was deleted or archived.

In addition, workflows were developed to change the visibility of these documents within the search results based on the role of the user. Documents could be private, publicly available for anyone to see, published for logged-in users to see via search results, or in a series of other states for internal review processes.

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