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University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

To facilitate content sharing within a multisite setup, Six Feet Up developed Resonate. Thanks to this Lineage add-on, college, departments and research centers can syndicate news, events and featured faculty/student/alumni profiles between one another. The syndication process leverages the current publication workflows in place and gives each organization granular control over which content items to display on their site.

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University of Virginia Health System

Local and Syndicated News

The "News & Publications" area now highlights information from either the Medical Center site itself or external links.  For example, the administrator can link to news articles or publications at the School of Medicine site as well as local pages -- all in the same list.

Homepage News and Publications

Ad-hoc Content Promotion via Tagging

Plone supports tagging, which is useful to create lists of things with similar keywords (collections) or groupings for search terms.  The UVA Health System site features a system whereby:

  • Administrators can import text files containing keyword categories
  • Users can request new keyword categories directly from the keyword assignment screen



The import methods allow for automatic association of keywords to doctors, locations, services, conditions and treatments. These relationships allow for high-level information to be accessible in a user-friendly way. Using "Cancer" as an example:

  • A sub-directory in the "Services" section of the site contains the service "Cancer Center".  Admin assigns keyword "Cancer" to this folder.
  • Conditions such as "Breast Cancer" and "Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma" and treatments such as "Bone marrow transplant" each have the keyword "cancer" assigned to them.  This tagging allows these conditions and treatments to automatically appear under the "Cancer Center" service area without manual intervention.
  • Assigning the keyword "Cancer" to different UVA locations allows them to automatically appear under the "Related Clinics" portlet on the page for each condition and treatment
  • Similarly, assigning the keyword to a doctor adds their name and a link to their profile in the "Related Doctors" portlet

Related Doctors Portlet

When a site editor needs a new keyword added, they can simply request the keyword from the data entry screen.  A site administrator is notified that a new keyword is ready for review.  The keyword will not be utilized in the site until the administrator approves it.

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