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Indiana Historical Society

The Indiana Historical Society chose the Plone content management system (CMS) because it allows sites to be updated by the designated personnel without HTML / programming experience required. Administrators can easily update their own content; staff members can write their own blog posts - all to give visitors to the site the most accurate, up-to-date information possible and clearer insight into the mission and work of the non-profit.


Administrators can see the history of each piece of content - who updated it, when it was updated and can even revert the content to an earlier version.



They can also see exactly what was changed in a revision:


Locking / Unlocking Content

When a document is edited, it is automatically locked, preventing one user from accidentally overwriting the updates of another.


Automatic Navigation

Users do not need to be concerned about how to get their new content displayed in the navigation.  When content is added to the site, it is automatically added to the navigation.



Administrators can create content without fear of the public viewing the page before it is ready. They simply keep the document in a private state, and only those with the correct permissions will be able to view it when logged into the site until the decision is made to publish it.


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Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company

This massive project required a CMS that could support a complex, hierarchical metadata structure combining a controlled vocabulary with the opportunity to introduce divergent keywords. The CMS also needed to support version control, archiving and rollback. It had to formally separate content and structure, and conform to W3C (WAI) accessibility standards. Six Feet Up powered the new site with the open source Plone content management system because it matched most of the client's needs out of the box.

See Full Success Story

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