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OER Commons »

The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) was looking for assistance to improve both visually and functionally their open educational resources portal. Six Feet Up managed the development-side of the project and was a key player in the design and implementation of a new site.

EIMInstitute »

Looking for a way to easily promote experts publications, this new association of data management professionals turned to Six Feet Up to develop their content-managed industry portal.

The Rosetta Project »

An ongoing effort to make this repository of all human languages more accessible to the mass.

MS Friends »

Looking for a redesign of their current website to better reflect the personality and mission of their non-profit organization, MS Friends asked Six Feet Up and eight fluid ounces to design and develop a content managed website for their organization.


SFAMA selected Six Feet Up to develop and deploy a new website with enhanced functionalities such as posting job descriptions and resumes.

The Inner Circle of Advocates »

Looking for a way to increase the speed of their content managed site, this professional organization of lawyers embarked on a Plone 2.0 to 2.5 migration project.

The Alliance for Corporate Wealth »

The Alliance for Corporate Wealth was looking for web branding services and Plone Content Management System expertise for their new online communication platform.

Hancock County Visitors Bureau »

How to promote local activities and services to increase tourism revenues.

Alliance Francaise d'Indianapolis »

This Indiana-based non-profit organization was looking for a way to easily delegate their website maintenance to a staff of volunteers. The site also had to be displayed in both French and English.

Recruit Talent »

Thomas P. Miller and Associates (TPMA) chose Six Feet Up to develop a website dedicated to RecruitTalent, the company's flagship Internship product.

Club Red UVA »

“Club Red” spotlights the latest information available in nutrition, fitness, and research associated with heart disease in women.

Discover Magazine »

Discover Magazine is best known in its print form as a science magazine written for a general audience. Discover Magazine has long been a Plone website.

University of North Carolina Center for Galapagos Studies »

The Center for Galapagos Studies is a partnership between University of North Carolina and Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

John Burroughs School »

The John Burroughs school site is a wonderful example of a highly customized Plone site where form meets function.

Plone Immersive Training Experience »

The Plone Immersive Training Experience website was created to support a customized training event.

United Nations Environment Program: IW: LEARN »

UNEP tapped Six Feet Up for help with implementing various Plone customizations and a wide variety of javascript functionalities.

Indiana Historical Society »

The Indiana Historical Society knew changes were needed to make their website more relevant and engaging to their guests. Read more to find out how Six Feet Up and Abstract Edge helped bring their vision to life.

Take Back Your Hands »

Looking for a content management system with localization features and a flexible templating system, Basilea Pharmaceutica naturally turned to Plone to build this disease education site.

Decision Education Foundation »

Decision Education Foundation knew they needed a way to provide educators with more resources while making their site easier for their site administrators to maintain. Six Feet helped them accomplish both goals.

Oxfam GB »

Oxfam GB deployed the open source KARL Knowledge Management System as a collaboration platform and asked Six Feet Up to be their hosting and support partner.

University of Virginia Health System »

The University of Virginia Health System launched an all-new site for the Medical Center.  Six Feet Up helped UVA Health System launch a brand-new website powered by Plone, a popular open source content management system that helps organize information on hundreds of doctors, locations, conditions, treatments and more.

Fortune 1,000 Diet and Lifestyle Management Company »

This Fortune 1,000 Diet and Lifestyle Management company needed a website that would bridge the gap among their geographically distributed staff. Utilizing Plone's content management system and custom add-on products, Six Feet Up successfully launched a solid intranet built to support the company's long term growth and enhancement strategies.

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