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Upgrade to Plone 4

If you are still on Plone 3.x, it's time to plan upgrading to Plone 4 in 2014.

Top reasons to upgrade to Plone 4

  1. 50% faster than Plone 3 & improved file handling
  2. In Plone theming & easier content creation via TinyMCE
  3. Visitor-friendly search enhancements
  4. Plone 3 has not been actively maintained since Plone 4 came out in 2010
  5. Plone 3 is expected to stop receiving critical security fixes in Q2 or Q3 of 2014

Plone 4 upgrade options that fit your needs

Based on over 10 years of working with Plone, we provide two options to bring your system up to date:

  • Upgrade to standard Plone 4.3
  • Migrate to WebUnity, our pre-configured Plone 4.3 package

Upgrade your existing setup to Plone 4.3

Upgrading your existing Plone site, add-ons, custom content types, and all other customizations into Plone 4.3 can be tricky and time-consuming. If your site is no longer a plain vanilla Plone site, and it's critical for your organization to ensure compatibility and security, Six Feet Up is your best partner for managing the upgrade.

Migrate to Six Feet Up's Plone WebUnity Package

Migrating to WebUnity is ideal if:

  • You want a fully supported, hands-off Plone experience
  • You want easy multisite/subsite management
  • You need to syndicate content across sites
  • You want to easily feature staff members on pages of related content (great for Faculty, Physicians & Leaders)
  • You want to theme subsites separately so they look like independent sites

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