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Diazo Theming

Diazo Theming

Diazo is quickly becoming the standard tool for Plone theming. It allows you to take some static html pages, and import Plone elements into those pages, which dramatically reduces the learning curve.

We offer many ways for your organization to take advantage of Diazo:

1. Hire us to create a Plone theme for your site

As part of a larger project, or on its own, our experts will provide you with a clean Diazo-based theme for your site. This is the fastest way to get your Plone site themed.

2. Have us train your team on Diazo theming

We provide multiple courses on Diazo and basic Plone theming. This is a great way to teach your team how to build their own themes using the best practices. Our most popular course is Plone Theming with Diazo (2-Day). We can also customize a training specific to your needs. Contact us to craft your own Diazo training series.

3. Attend one of our conference workshops on Diazo

At most major Plone conferences, including the Plone Symposium Midwest and the Plone Conference, our Sr. Template Developer Chrissy Wainwright provides 1-2 day training courses in a larger group setting.

4. Learn about Diazo theming from our blog posts

We are currently recording a series of video blog posts on how to use Diazo. If you would like to be notified when these posts are made available please email Jim Bartek at to be put on the list.

5. Download our Free "Getting Started With Diazo Theming" Quick Reference Card:

Diazo Theming Quick Reference

Want to know more?

Are you looking for help in learning Diazo and Plone theming in general?

Contact Carol Ganz with the form on the right.

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