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How much does Plone cost?

Learn about our Plone services and products What is Plone? Why use Plone? Who uses Plone? Is Plone secure? And a lot more...

Plone is open source software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is free to download, use, customize and share.

With no licensing fees, Plone lets users spend their resources on customizing the software to meet their specific needs, creating content, site branding and maintenance. Even after factoring in the cost of engaging consultants, the total cost of ownership for implementing a Plone solution will often be significantly less than propriety solutions such as Sharepoint or Vignette, which carry steep licensing fees.

For organizations which do not have the in-house skills to deploy Plone, professional assistance and commercial support are available from over 300 Plone consulting firms located around the world. Six Feet Up is one of the leading Plone service providers in North America.

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