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Why can't I make my text do certain things?

Kupu, Plone's default text editor, only allows certain text styles by default.

You can choose from formatting buttons, such as: Bold, Italic, an ordered list, an unordered list, or a definition list.
Kupu also contains a drop down menu with predefined styles. The site administrator can also add custom styles to this drop down.

The default defined styles* are:

  • Normal - regular text. 69%
  • Heading -  18 px, bold, bottom border
  • Subheading - 15 px, bold
  • Literal - 12 px,background color with a border, text is courier new
  • Discreet - 10 px, gray
  • Pull quote - 12 px, bold, yellow, right aligned, left-border blue
  • Call out - 12 px, bold, yellow
  • Highlight- normal text with a background of pale yellow.

* Note that these styles are based off of the base Plone theme. If customizations have been made to your theme, these styles may change.

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