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How do I install an add on product?

While installing an add on product is a task best left to site administrators, some intermediate users may need to do this occasionally. You will need to have access to your Plone directory on your server and be comfortable using a terminal.

Before you start, you will need to know name of the Egg you are going to install. Some products on will tell you exactly what to add to your buildout. Others you may have to search for. You can find the Egg name by going to and searching for the name of the product you want to download. The name of the Egg is the package name for that product. Example: The product you want is called Flowplayer. The name of the Egg for Flowplayer is collective.flowplayer.

1. Stop your instance. In your terminal type: $ ./bin/plonectl stop
2. Locate your buildout.cfg file. This will be in the "zinstance" folder in your Plone directory.
3. Open your buildout.cfg file with a plain text editor.  (Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac)
4. Scroll down in the file until you find the Eggs section. Find the "eggs =" and add the name of your egg below the other products.
5. If the name of your egg does not start with "Products." you will need to add the name of your egg under the "zcml=" section of your buildout.cfg.
6. Save and close your buidlout.cfg.
7. Rerun your buildout.  In your terminal type: $ ./bin/buildout
8. Restart your instance. In your terminal type: $ ./bin/plonectl restart
9. Install the product in your plone site by going to site setup, Add/Remove Products. Click the check box next to the product you want to add, and click the install button.
Your product is now installed!

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