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Custom Search


Are you looking for Google-like search features that enhance web visitors' usability? The most popular tools we use to customize search results are:

  • In-context search term highlighting
  • Stemming (extends a search to cover grammatical variations on a word)
  • Stopwords (such as "the", "and", "maybe", etc.)
  • Automatic completion of search terms
  • Spelling suggestions
  • Synonym suggestions
  • Keyword boosting/weighting
  • Context restrictions (confines the search to a specific area of the site)

Six Feet Up has a lot of practice in tailoring our clients' online search experience. Some of the additional search customizations we have performed include:

  • Making custom search features available to subsets of web visitors based on both content workflow states and user's role.
  • Customizing the number of search results allowed to return depending on the user's permissions.
  • Changing the search results' order based on relevance, content type, title and last modified date.
  • Ensuring that a specific content type is always returned first in the search results list.
  • Enabling administrators to control which metadata is deemed more relevant for search result order.
  • Deploying advanced search interface to give site visitors the ability to filter down their results.
  • Providing a limited set of filters for specific user types.
  • Allowing users to perform full-text searches of files, such as PDFs and Microsoft Office documents.

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