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Plone Tune-Up Survey

Here's a short survey to determine how Plone Tune-Ups can better serve the Plone Community, and how you can help! We expect it will take you approximately 5 minutes to fill out this survey.

Plone Tune-Ups are regular online events that aim at addressing tickets in the Plone issue tracker and advancing the Plone open source Content Management System in general.  

I have actively participated at least once in:   (check all that apply)
The last time I participated in a Plone Tune-Up was:   (choose one)

I would participate in the Plone Tune-Ups more often if...   (check all that apply)
Skill Level
Please describe your skill level when working with each component: (check all that apply)
Black Belt "I can fix difficult tickets"
Green Belt "I can fix tickets of medium difficulty"
Newbie "I can fix simple tickets"
No Thank You "I've never done this" or "Please don't make me do this"
My talents could best be used before, during, and after the Plone Tune-Ups by....   (check all that apply)
Information about You (optional)
This information will be used to help determine which tickets should be included in the Tune-Up list based on the individual participants. It will also allow us to know your individual needs in order to further help you during the Tune-Ups. If you would like to remain anonymous, please feel free to leave this information blank.

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