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Nuance Communications Upgrades to a Robust New Intranet

October 09, 2012

Nuance Communications Upgrades to a Robust New Intranet

Nuance Communications, award-winning developers of software like Dragon Dictate, recently approached Six Feet Up about improving the quality of their employees' Plone-based intranet experience as the number of users continues to grow.

Six Feet Up investigated and architected a solution which would improve the responsiveness of the Plone-based intranet, move the data to a new server environment better suited to their needs, and serve up files to their users more quickly and reliably.

Six Feet Up's recommendations included a more powerful server to allow for increased use of caching mechanisms and the addition of a second server that can be used for RelStorage. RelStorage increases individual Plone thread performance by storing data in a relational database.  Six Feet Up configured the server utilizing Apache, Varnish, and HAProxy. For all Plone site installations, Six Feet Up recommends deploying the site with a caching proxy, such as Varnish or Squid, to improve performance and scalability.

The next step planned in the ongoing improvements to Nuance's intranet is a migration of their site to Plone 4.

According to Michelle Jarvi, Project Manager at Six Feet Up, "Nuance is always a pleasure to work with - from start to finish. The user community's experience is a top priority for them and Plone helps meet their needs, especially during time of organizational growth."

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