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Cross Cloud Deployment

When critical applications can’t withstand hours of downtime due to cloud providers issues, Six Feet Up can help set up and manage alternate back-up cloud infrastructures. Because we have such a deep understanding and experience level with various clouds and cloud orchestration tools, we are poised to share our knowledge and avoid common pitfalls to ensure optimal uptime and performance for your key applications.

Cross Cloud Deployment Options:

  • Orchestrated or manual deployment process
  • Cold, warm or fully hot and active environments
  • Private, public or hybrid cloud-based architecture
  • Choice of cloud providers, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, IBM, etc.

The cross cloud setup process that protects data and controls costs:

  • Data synchronization optimized with ZFS or PostgreSQL replication
  • Graceful failover and recovery process
  • Secure infrastructure at each provider
  • Repeatable deployment to each environment
  • Quick Staging and Testing environment creation to match Production

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