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Virtualization: Why Business People Should Care

written by Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker on Tuesday June 21, 2011

Last Friday, some of my colleagues went to a virtualization presentation that the organizers had cleverly combined with the opening of Green Lantern. They came back all excited about what they had seen and heard. "Virtualization? Why should business people care?", I asked, waiting for the nerdy answer that was going to follow.

But instead, I was given a vision into a world where people collaborate from wherever they are at that moment. Remote workers from all around the country or even the globe can work together on projects and even more importantly, they can be spun up quickly onto our set of tools and processes without having to install more software or rely on über powerful laptops - sorry, Apple!

This clicked with me as I could easily see how this will directly help us grow. Six Feet Up has developed quite an international presence with partners and clients worldwide. Our group of collaborators spans the United States in places like Indiana, Washington, Kentucky, Arizona and New Hampshire, but also globally in countries located in South America, Western Europe, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe.

Getting a new developer spun up on a large legacy project can be sometimes daunting and time-consuming. But with this new approach, new collaborators just get granted access to a virtual server in our private cloud that hosts everything they need to start working. No need to ship a laptop, no need to argue about the superiority of a Mac over a PC, and, mostly, no need to waste sometimes up to 10 hours getting a stubborn buildout to work. This just makes a lot of business sense.

So, thanks, Green Lantern, for attracting my colleagues to an eye-opening presentation that will help the team work together more efficiently and produce more reliable results quickly!!

Posted by jakson on Oct 14, 2011 02:40 AM
I am a true believer in virtualization. I’m in the process of working on taking my company as virtual as possible. It’s a task to move so much information and I change systems, but in my opinion, absolutely worthwhile. Idon’t see how companies wouldn’t want to be virtual today. In my own business, I know for a fact that we are less efficient and have lost data in the areas were we are not entirely about in detail about The Impact of Virtualization on Business here
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