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Plone 4 Addresses Speed

written by Calvin Hendryx-Parker on Monday August 23, 2010
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One of the common concerns with Plone has been whether its complexity causes it to perform more slowly than other Content Management Systems. This complexity gives Plone more security, better enterprise controls and ease-of-use for end users, but in the past has lead some to call Plone "heavy".

Jon Stahl, Senior Strategist at Groundwire, has been instrumental in testing Plone 4. His tests show that not only has Plone improved over previous versions, it is now moving past its competitors. His post from January led to some worthwhile discussion in comparing the benefits and drawbacks of the most common CMSs. Matt Hamilton's findings also support this.

As we move toward the official Plone 4 release, we expect that some who had concerns about Plone's speed in the past will be pleased with the progress that has been made. Plone has been able to "lighten up" without losing the functions and features that have helped make it an industry leader.

Posted by on Aug 25, 2010 09:05 AM
An interesting question is how Plone 4 performs for expensive edit operations such as renaming or cutting and pasting a high-level folder (folder with extensive subtree) or changing sharing permissions at a high level. Performance for anonymous viewers can be pretty much fixed by caching in Varnish etc but the challenge comes when many people are editing at once, especially if one or more of them does an expensive operation. For our Plone 3.1 site we do run into problems with that. It'll be interesting to see how Plone 4 does on that score. Perhaps it'll help significantly that folders are all BTreeFolders now? I guess we'll really know this when some organisations with numerous concurrent editors have managed to upgrade to Plone 4. Perhaps the upgrade of itself will demonstrate this...
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