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Calvin's Blog

Backing up Using ZFS Snapshots and Replication
How we have rolled up a fast, modern and efficient backup system that is easy-to-manage and low maintenance...
Automating Mundane Tasks with Boto3
Boto3 is a complete open source library for talking to the AWS API. It can be used for automating mundane tasks like cleaning up unused AWS resources...
High Availability and Horizontal Scaling with Celery
Long running tasks can be put on a Celery job queue to help decouple and run asynchronous work loads, and therefore strengthen the main program...
Hidden Features via AWS CLI
The Amazon Web Service Command Line Interface expands the options for a user interacting with the AWS...
Solr + Spark = AB Testing on Steroids
"Two halves make one whole" content indexing powerhouse...
Interactive Web Apps with React
A framework for interactive web applications, React was a popular topic at All Things Open this year...
Integrating HubSpot with Plone
How we completed a HubSpot and Plone integration project using Zapier and Celery...
Django CMS vs Plone
At Six Feet Up, we have extensive experience with both Plone and Django CMS. In this post, I am exploring when you might want to use Django CMS and when Plone might be a better fit...
Write Better Programs with pytest
Getting a set of fast running tests can dramatically speed up the development process as well as ensure developers don't introduce regressions...
High Availability (HA), Load Balancing & Failover
Keeping websites and web applications up and running can be critical. It is best to look at all options very closely before choosing one...
Native Backup Solutions vs Snapshots
Backups are a necessity, whether they are done via the database's native backup technology, a snapshot, or dumping to tape. Here's the difference between some common solutions, and tips on how to get started...
Mighty Microbits
Microbits, powered by MicroPython, are exciting pieces of hardware with endless possibilities...
Managing complex Bacula configurations with YAML, Jinja and Python
How to make sure all servers are backed up, and do so in a way to avoid a performance hit…
Repeatable Development Environment with Vagrant
Vagrant is a tool to get developers set up quickly and easily on a project. It makes sure the virtual machine includes all the dependencies as they should be, and allows developers to use their own editing tools as they work on a project...
How AWS Lambda Dramatically Simplifies Software Development
Lambda is Amazon Web Services' server-less infrastructure. It makes it possible to run small tasks that respond to various kinds of events without actually running any servers...
My Take-Aways From PyCon 2016
Useful tidbits of information collected at the annual Python conference in Portland, OR...
FreeNAS to Add Bhyve Support
We can now run hybrid cloud services that combine the storage and virtualization layer to simplify hosting operations...
Building Python Command Line Tools, Part 4: CSV Importing and Time Zones
In the final part of our series on Python Command Line Tools, we'll put our application to work. I'll show you how to import the CSV module and handle timezones post import.
Building Python Command Line Tools, Part 3: Bootstrapping Pyramid
For the third part of our series on Python Command Line Tools, I'll show you how to use your console_script to bootstrap a Pyramid App.
Building Python Command Line Tools, Part 2: console_scripts
In this second part of our series on Python Command Line Tools, I'll show you how to make the agrparse script executable and ready to be installed as a console script when someone installs your Pyramid or Django app.

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