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Why We Believe in Giving Back to Open Source
We have always loved using open source and we believe in giving back to open source as much as we benefit from it. We put together a short video about why we and others believe in giving back and the benefits of helping the open source community:
Keys to Successful Mass Software Patching
Six Feet Up successfully applied more than 70 software patches to help organizations address the recent critical security vulnerability announced in Plone...
Adventures with FreeBSD and Advanced Networking
It appears that, if you use some of the more advanced networking technologies built into FreeBSD, it is possible to put yourself into a bit of a pickle...
My Science Fair Project Was a Hit at NTC, Washington DC
The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Washington DC on March 17th was my first adventure in Plone evangelism...
Indiana Linux Fest 2011 Wrapup
Last week, several Sixies attended and presented at Indiana Linux Fest (ILF) in Indianapolis. While named Linux Fest, it focused on all types of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)...
Plone Symposium Unveils Exciting New Roadmap
The Sixie crew is just back from the Plone Symposium 2012 (a.k.a. “PSE”), which was held earlier this week at Penn State University and effectively rekindled our faith in Plone and the Plone Community...
A Solution to Fixed-Bid vs. Hourly Contracts (Part 2)
A few weeks ago, I wrote about how hard it is to estimate creative projects including sophisticated software development like we work on here at Six Feet Up...
Why Consider Integrating Your Websites?
If your organization has multiple websites, multiple teams, and/or multiple CMS technologies you need to integrate those sites to easily manage and syndicate content across them.
PyOhio 2012: Automation & Code Legibility
Like the years before, the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers put on a fantastic event. Two major themes emerged in 2012: automation, and making code more approachable...
Six Feet Up's Fifth FedEx Day Yields 13 Successful Projects
Six Feet Up held its fifth "FedEx Day" on October 6-7, 2011 and up to 13 awesome projects ensued...
The Most Important Thing To Do When Starting With Plone
Six Feet Up's projects usually involve some rather sophisticated implementations and my first weeks were spent shadowing Six Feet Up's Lead QA...
Why Upgrade to Plone 4
A brief synopsis of the changes since Plone 3.x and why you should consider upgrading to Plone 4...
Four Plone 4.3 Benefits You Should Know About
Being both volunteers on the Plone Foundation and the largest Plone provider in the U.S., we get really excited when a new version of Plone is released to the public...
Women Working in Tech Event Features Sixies
Discovering Changes in PostgreSQL 9.2
One of the most interesting things about staying on the cutting edge of technology is always being on the lookout for technology which could change the web.
Backing up Using ZFS Snapshots and Replication
How we have rolled up a fast, modern and efficient backup system that is easy-to-manage and low maintenance...
PyTennessee 2015 Recap
Here's a recap from the Sixies who headed South to PyTennessee...
Best Practices for Customizing Your Live Plone Site
Learn when TTW customizations should be avoided, how to make customizations properly, and how to put a customization process in place.
Working from Home
We have several technologies in place that enable any of us to easily work remotely...
Virtualization: Why Business People Should Care
Last Friday, some of my colleagues went to a virtualization presentation that the organizers had cleverly combined with the opening of Green Lantern. Here's why business people should care...

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