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Survey App

mobilesurveyapp.pngA mobile survey app developed for event organizers looking for an easy way to collect and aggregate feedback.

Main Features:

  • Provide a fully branded experience that looks and feels like a native app on most common devices
  • Restrict survey access to registered attendees
  • Browse by session or speaker
  • Collect feedback on both sessions and speakers
  • Manage surveys for parallel tracks
  • Boost survey response rates through gamification
  • Randomly select users for prize awards
  • Perform a full import of the data via CSV file
  • Enjoy real-time access to survey data
  • Easily export your data as CSV file

Mobile Survey App Details

Fully Branded Experience


Users first come into contact with the app through a main login screen that boasts your logo and colors.

Visitors are granted access by entering the email address they used to register for your event.




Session and Speaker Directories

surveyapp_session_directoryiphone4.pngAttendees can browse either by sessions or by speakers.

The survey app manages parallel tracks by grouping sessions that take place at the same time.

The app supports presentations by multiple speakers, and automatically grays out sessions that have been rated already.



The app also offers a view where  speakers are organized by alphabetical order based on their last names. This can be handy when attendees can't quite remember the name of the presentation.




Decoupled Mobile Survey Form

surveyapp_ratespeakeriphone4.pngThe mobile survey app prompts event attendees to provide feedback on both sessions and speakers.

This is invaluable information for event organizers as they can differentiate between the interest in a topic and the quality of the speaker(s).



Easy access to survey data in real time

Surveyappdashboard.pngThanks to the admin dashboard, event organizers can easily update the survey app with last minute schedule changes, add late attendees, and retrieve data in real time. If you organize drawings to encourage feedback, a winner for the day can be randomly generated by the app from the list of attendees, all from the click of a button.

Live Demo

Based on Sencha's open source HTML5 application framework, an example of the latest Six Feet Up survey app can be accessed by visiting from any mobile browser and/or Chrome. Please log in with "".


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