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HTML5 Mobile Development

Read about and play with the latest event app we created for the TechPoint Mira Awards

Developing an integrated mobile strategy is critical nowadays as organizations must support their mobile visitors regardless of the device they choose.

Increase Your Visibility and Awareness with Responsive Design

Responsive Design Example

For your mobile strategy to be successful, make sure:

  • Your web content management system lets you edit in real time, and in one instance, both the web and mobile pages delivered
  • Your mobile users are provided with a consistent user experience across all platforms
  • You get integrated analytics encompassing traffic from all mobile devices

By adopting a responsive design, you will be able to strategically adapt the layout of the design and content to various mobile formats using appropriate break points based on the information architecture, the type and orientation of the device and usability designed for the site. This technique eliminates the need for separate mobile sites.

Hook Your Web Visitors with Mobile Applications

The key to developing successful mobile apps is to offer value and utility in regards to solving work-related problems. Examples to think about include a customer satisfaction app, a triaging app, a voting app, an event app, a content segmenting app, an event survey app, a way-finding app, etc.

Example Event Mobile App:
HCMS App Session HCMS App Speakers HCMS App Twitter Stream

More about our event mobile app »

Example: Enterprise survey app:

HCICSessions.PNG HCICSpeakers.PNG HCICSurvey.PNG

More about our mobile survey app »

Six Feet Up leverages a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework for building universal apps that run on any device. Because the apps we develop aren't native apps, there is no third party approval process to slow you down. However, our apps can easily be added to the Apple and Android stores if desired.

All Six Feet Up apps come with flexible license options, whether you need it for one specific events or multiple events over the course of one year. Our standard mobile event app typically costs $7,000, but can increase based on custom requirements. Our apps also come with bundled support packages.

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