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Federated Search


Federated (or distributed) search addresses the need of searching through multiple and disparate content sources with just one query.

Six Feet Up has extensive experience deploying federated search features. Here are a few recent examples:


The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) site enables researchers to simultaneously search across:

  • a discussion forum powered by Vanilla
  • a wiki powered by Moin-Moin
  • web content running on the open source CMS Plone

SFARI Federated Search Screenshot


Six Feet Up and UCLA have co-developed PushHub, a mechanism that makes it possible for hundreds of site to contribute content to a hub and make that content available for syndication to all the other sites. This is now even possible across Drupal and Plone websites.

PushHub Network

Steel Grip, Inc.

The Steel Grip site is powered by a search mechanism that pulls data from both the ecommerce website solution Shopify and the open source CMS Plone.

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