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Forget about platforms. Set your content free.

PushHub enables you to syndicate content across all your web CMSs while keeping the data in sync and under control in a way that RSS can't match.

PushHub Network Plone Wordpress and DrupalCreating, sharing, managing and finding content can become very cumbersome when you are managing websites running on various platforms. And putting everything into one system is oftentimes not an option.

Developed by UCLA and Six Feet Up, PushHub was designed for large organizations like universities that need to share content across many CMSs. PushHub currently supports Plone and Drupal, with WordPress coming next. Custom connectors can also be built for other systems.

Refreshingly easy:

Six Feet Up installs connectors into each CMS and customizes PushHub to fit your existing workflows. Then, with only a few clicks, content can be shared with and found by other site managers.

  • Content creators click to share when publishing
  • Editors search & select content to feature
  • Visitors discover new content and new sites

Six Feet Up offers a complete solution including:

  • PushHub on a fully configured Virtual Machine
  • Custom integration into your existing sites
  • Specific CMS connectors
  • On and off-site training

PushHub Quote

If your environment requires multiple CMS technologies or instances and you need users to share content across sites, contact us today. On the other hand, if you'd like to manage all your sites on one platform in one place, check out another Six Feet Up solution WebUnity.

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